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Design your garden

Design a garden it may not be as easy as it sounds so it’s a good idea to start with the advice of an expert. Of course you better have some ideas so your garden can be unique. Harmony between forms, plants and design is very important and that’s what a designer will help you achieve.


Some of the tricks to design your garden:

  • Use curves. They make any garden look bigger and give a harmonious feeling.
  • Grass. You will want to keep it green, and that’s why is better to research a bit which one will work better in your garden considering your soil and water need, etc. If you prefer the easy option, go for artificial grass!
  • Time = Plants. A garden need times and attention, so if you don’t have and can’t afford a gardener we wouldn’t recommend you to have a lot of plants or trees. Go simple and minimalist; it’s a fashion lately in times where people are really busy, you can also choose plants that don’t need a lot of attention (an expert could also assist you on his topic). If you want to spend time taking care of your garden then you’ll have a wider option of trees and plants you can have in your garden.

Design options are broad: you can dedicate spaces to flowers and play with different colours, you can make different elevations and create spaces to rest and enjoy with your family. You can make paths with little stones creating a contrast and making your garden a piece of art!

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