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Designing the main bedroom


It goes without saying that the most important element of a bedroom is, precisely, the bed. Once you have placed it on the plan, the rest of the space could be arranged so a desk  or a reading corner could be placed, too.
Bedroom is an intimate space, conceived as a shelter from the hustle where one is in search for rest and tranquility. So in this place everything is about comfort, being bed its cornerstone.
So when planning a new house, it is fundamental to choose properly the room that will become the main bedroom, taking into account its orientation and where its window or windows are going to be set.
For instance,  bedroom window´s  nearness to a noise street should be avoided, if possible. It seems important, also, that the bedroom can be kept cleared and cleaned. That requires to provide for good closets (better if walk-in closets) to have both clothes and shoes properly organized.
Basic Furniture.
First of all, it is convenient to determine what kind of furniture to place: bed, bedside tables, commode, etc., and how to set the space among them. Therefore, should you want to place a bed of big dimensions in a not to big a space, bedside tables could be spared and place a shelf, instead. You will save space, too, by choosing closets with sliding doors.
A multiple use room.
Bedroom is not only use for sleeping, nowadays it is also a space for watching TV, reading and even working. So it may be suitable to place a working table, a TV table or bookshelves, for instance.

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