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Different kinds of kitchens


Without a doubt, the kitchen of a house is one of the places which is more used by the people who live there.

In order to choose what type of decoration we will place in our kitchen, first we must consider what type of kitchen we have in our home.

We can find five different types of kitchens:

  • Kitchen in Corridor Form: in this type of kitchen both sidewalls are used, and we found a minimal central space of 40 inches.


  • Kitchen in “L” Form: in this type of kitchen, the electrical apparatuses and furniture are placed in the one of the angles, leaving the other walls free.

                             cocina en l blanca.jpg

  • Kitchen With Central Island:  this is one of the most comfortable types of kitchen because it allows to use different types of surfaces in its central space, like tables, pulled, etc.


  • Kitchen in “U” Form: this type of kitchen allows to be used of several forms, in small or big places. Both sidewalls and front wall are used to place furniture.


  • Kitchen In Linear Form: in general, in this type of kitchen, the furniture is placed on the same wall. The sink, refrigerator, etc.


After considering this, we will choose the decoration we like and we’ll transform that kitchen into a very special place to enjoy with family and friends.

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