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Dining room decoration tips

decorating dining room

The dining room is an important space within the house, not only for the use it is being given, but also because it is usually quite visible, so decorating it with style is fundamental. Following are some tips that will help with such a difficult task:

Mirrors. They have the ability to transform any space, helping to gain dimensions and contributing to make them to look luminous. The most original way is to arrange them in groups: of several sizes, in column, aligned, etc. Combine them in several styles and sizes. In a dining room, their originality stands out furthermore, but you must hang them higher than usual in order that their reflection do not produce any nuisance.

Chair cases or covers. These will give to the dining room a renewed aspect, and in addition the chairs will look “dressed”, which give them a classy look. This option turns out to be more economic that to re-drape them. Choose natural fabrics, as linen or cotton, but always with a synthetic component that makes their maintenance easier. If they have buttons or laces in the back they may be easier to put on and off the chairs. It is advisable to choose neutral tones, since they combine with all colors and styles.

Captivating showcases and cupboards. In the dining room the furniture for storing chinaware plays a protagonist role. Bear in mind that you must keep 90 cm of minimal space between the chairs and the storing furniture to be able to move along with comfort. To their decorative value, we must add it usefulness for keeping and exposing the dishes and glasses.

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