Written by Tendenzias

Disposable china

Sometimes for reunions or family events we wish we don’t have to clean a lot of dishes and have to grief for our china being expose to be broken. Disposable dishes could be the best solution, even if it doesn’t sounds as glamorous.


But the problem with plastic dishes is the ecological impact. Don’t worry! Recyclable dishes are already an option. While a normal plastic cup can take as long as a thousand years to degrade, creating an obvious damage to the natural resources of our earth, a cup made of recyclable materials almost become part of the ecosystem.

My favourite type of disposable dishes and cups is the compostable. What does this means? Well, after you’re done with your plate you can through it into the compost bin. Because is not made with toxic materials it can be part of our compost and instead of contaminate it will make out garden look better!

If you prefer recyclable dishes, you have to make sure you separate your rubbish so the process can be done.

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