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Do-it-yourself kitchens

diy kitchen

In a recent post  we talked about the Ikea Home Planner 3D, a software program available in the Ikea webpage, that allows you to design in detail a complete kitchen with its cupboards, shelves and accessories. It goes without saying that it applies only to furniture sold by this Sweden furniture store.

However, there are a lot of warehouses and do-it-yourself (DYO) stores that sell very inexpensive kitchen furniture, provided you buy the pieces and assemble them by yourself. So if would be better to visit some of this stores, like Brico depot, Leroy Merlin or Bauhaus, for instance, an see if you like said furniture.

Before buying it, though, you will have to take some previous steps, like making a detailed plan of your kitchen space. You have to measure carefully the dimensions of the walls, both in width and height (not an approximated figure, but an exact one), taking into account where the plugs and sockets are located and their dimensions, too, as well as the position of the faucets and pipes.

This is very important because, on the one hand, the furniture sold at these DYO stores have a fixed, standard measure, that usually cannot be changed. On the other hand, it will be convenient to try to place the sink where the faucets and pipes are, for instance, so no additional work has to be done. The same applies with respect to electrical appliances, like the refrigerator (if there is not a electrical socket behind, then an extension need to be added).

Lastly, insist the clerk that you need all the elements required for installing the kitchen, that is, not only the cabinets, but also the hangers, tops, protectors, drawers, nails and screws, supports, etc. Try to make a check list so nothing is forgotten. Otherwise, you will have to make several visits to the store and will loose time.

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