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Exterior Furniture: authenticity, pure forms and neutral colours.

exterior furniture

Are you thinking about changing your garden or outside furniture? Well, keep in mind that 3 concepts make up the trend this season: Authenticity, pure forms and neutral colours are triumphing.
Authenticity. Is a synonymous for natural, organic, rough materials. We are talking about bamboo, wicker and so on. It has a close relationship with naturism, with ecology. There are an infinity of articles made of bamboo or, for instance, both for tables and chairs; it can be combined with glass or metal, whereas plastic would not be a good option for mixing with this natural element (plastic is the prototype of synthetic, so very anti-ecological). On the other hand, wicker would be a very nice element for using in auxiliary tables, or lamps, just to mention a few possibilities. It is clean and very organic.
Pure forms. Those elaborated shapes combining curves with square angles, those furniture with several functions integrated (chairs that are also tables and shelves, for instance) are totally demodé. We are back to basic principles about functionality: a thing serves for one purpose only, and the simplest its design the better. So if you choose a table with chairs and sofas for your outside furniture, try that all of them have a similar shape (either square shaped or curved, but not both).
Neutral colours. We all know that spring and summer means flowers and bright colours. Not this season, however. If you are going to be loyal to the first two ideas, neutral colors would fit  perfectly. So use either brown (light brown preferably), beige, creme, never mixtures of red, purple or bright orange, for instance.

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