Written by Tendenzias

Fathers Day 2012

In our blog these days we have added some articles, so if you still do not know what to do just a little comb through our blog and check out all the latest articles on the subject. On the net we found a picture that has long intrigued and gave us the idea to suggest something nice that you can do tomorrow.

As you can see in the picture in a tray of sweet biscuits have been added to the melted chocolate and decorated with the text “Congratulations Daddy“. You too can create a tray like that, you just buy a normal biscuits, melt some chocolate and biscuits to create the various decorations. You are not required to create cookies equal to the photo, you can also write other words, create a different composition, etc. make special doodles. In short, give space to your imagination and create a beautiful tray of sweets and then donate it to your dad.

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