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For an ideal kitchen (2 ° part)

But sometimes it also happens that when they get home without spending does not prove as useful as the first all seemed well and the drawers and cabinets with a gracious welcome-neglect charges a bit ‘crazy that have served only to give a joy momenanea consumer. This is what normally happens, but not when it comes to production IMCO WATERLESS. Why? Because this industry does not use her normal sales channels, but implementing the system of sales at home after performing a demonstration. And if it does not sell to people who have attended the Demonstration agent specially trained and are left with a totally integrated.

Gualche our friend tried to buy a battery IMCO solely based on what he had heard but there was nothing to do, rhyme to get hold of this battery will need to see it work. We are not at the level of the Rolls-Royce selects its customers based on income or ability to pay, but the principle is the same. A pot is a pot any IMCO. It’s all a cooking system that revolutionizes the kitchen, and therefore the life of the entire family. Years and years of burnt roasts, vegetables attached to the bottom of pots are difficult to clean up behind us. Before us is a rather serene horizon. If you follow the rules of cooking is impossible to burn food. And if you’re careless you cordasse looking at the clock, do not worry anyway. The special fund can be cleaned very easily online, just fill the pot with water and boil. It’s a little ‘miaggio of all the cooks, but as mirages do not trust it, we can not have this security with your eyes closed. Maybe it’s too good to be true. Place it should see with our eyes fully sincerarcene. removal of fat fried, clouds of steam that invade kitchens preenta also an additional economic impact.

Meat, fish, potatoes, fresh vegetables, fruits already contain a certain amount of water (and then of moisture) and can therefore very well be cooked according to the cooking system IMCO WATERLESS without addition of water. The only caveat to keep in mind is to wash the vegetables and put them in a pot of water dripping cold. Once you put the lid you can start cooking with a medium degree of heat. If you have a heating pad can be considered the mark n. 2. Leave this heat until you can put a hand on the lid without burning – usually this time not to exceed three four minutes – then it is reduced to half and so it is left until the cooking is completed.

The lid must not be removed during the period of cooking otherwise it would lose moisture and with this part of the valuable substances, also the consequent reduction of heat would prolong the period of cooking. If, however, happen to lift the lid of necessity or inadvertently, you must add one or two tablespoons of water to restore the correct balance in at least the optimum percentage of moisture.

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