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For an ideal kitchen (3 rd party)

    The ability of the saucepan choice for a given food should be proportionate to the amount of this. More precisely, the food has to fill the pot for at least two-thirds. A greater availability of space would alter the balance between the steam and the food. The diameters of the individual units are available to the regulatory measures of the European electric cookers, but they adapt well to all other heat sources (gas, wood, coal, etc..). To open flames, however, we must be careful that the flame does not come from the bottom of the pan because it would cause a too rapid heating. This possibility, however, can easily be remedied with a little care because the heat, as we said, it is set to a medium size.

With gas cookers or other open flames is left to rise until the heat to the lid, always checking with the hand for the first few times because not only from gas to gas, but also from a cylinder to cylinder varies the time required to release a certain degree of heat . Then it changes to a minimum and the throttle stop cooking. With wood stoves or coal to heat the pan and then move on as mentioned Warm edge of the stove, away from the source of greatest heat, where he remained until cooked. Whatever the heat source is used, make certain that after 10 minutes from the reduction of heat does not give off more water from under the lid. Should this happen the other hand means that the heat is too strong and therefore decrease the need or, if possible, or even turn it off. Leaving continue cooking on the hot disk, a small slab of asbestos could, especially in the case of wood stoves or gas to be introduced between the pan and the disk. The decrease of the heat does not stop cooking and moisture given off instead, form a layer between food and cover that preserves the natural food substances and prevents oxygen from penetrating into the pot and destroy the precious vitamin. This isolation also protects and allows minerals to foods to preserve their original flavor. For foods which require a prolonged cooking, calculating that the heat remains unchanged for about half an hour, it is sufficient, after this time, a little raise the heat source for two or three minutes and then riabbassarla to have a further period of cooking. It may happen that in casseroles removed from the heat source is formed within a vacum so as to prevent easy removal of the cover.In such cases there is no need to use force, just put the pan on the stove and cover can be removed without difficulty. There is no danger of being scalded by steam. If a family member were to be late for lunch, just leave the pan on the hot disk. The food does not stick and do not spend cooking.  


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