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For an ideal kitchen


A demonstration IMCO is a pleasant meeting with friends. No mention of prices, we conclude contracts, these topics may be touched on later, when the seller IMCO has been asked to go and visit each participant at the meeting. From the moment the demonstrator is received by the hostess that in which the set is placed in the liners that protect it, together with the texts and photographs which have served to illustrate some situations, the conversation runs fast and interesting. First is a statement by an expert on what happens with normal pots in use in different families, each of which reflected cooking process has on nutrition, to ensure that the pots IMCO.

Then an avalanche of questions, which already provides a comprehensive response to the taste of food prepared at the time or the practical demonstration of how a food deliberately left to burn does not affect the pot which is cleaned with ease. Let us briefly review the advantages and disadvantages of a common kitchen equipment. Glass and pottery are quite hygienic, easy to clean, but they break easily, distributing heat employing too badenergy and become ugly with time. The glazed pots are quite hygienic and intact until they are new, but since the first break of the enamel is favored rust that can be as dangerous as Scheggina enamel unfortunately, it gets mixed with food. There is also a poor heat distribution. The aluminum, convenient and capable of a discrete distribution of heat, however, is deformable and is unhygienic keep there foods because it corrodes and oxidizes easily. Stainless steel is undoubtedly the best material, hygienic, unbreakable, easy to clean is always nice, but it is expensive, the food may burn if you do not have a special fund and distribution as well as keeping the heat is insufficient. The IMCO WATERLESS took account of these needs and is able to bring pots stainless steel easy to clean, elegant line, in the functional measures, indestructible, hygienic and above all with a proprietary fund, made of an alloy of eight metals light, which promotes rapid and uniform heat distribution. Thanks to the heavy lid, to the channeling of the condensation between the edge and cover, the walls and the bottom cooling heat was also possible to arrive at a cooking system through which the content of the food, biologically important, is neither destroyed nor altered. At the end of IMCO and then the seller is considered a true friend, reminder of the economic problems and food. Making the cost of every woman is a joy. Stroll through the streets to window or we get lost in the maze of long corridors filled with shelves of department stores, and suddenly you realize that it takes a lot of things. Maybe some would not be really necessary, but it certainly would help to beautify the house, to enrich a supply of services and tools. So specialized industries are racing to fill the shops every season of new calls and is very easy to enter by pushing a door and buy What is exposed.      


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