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Furnish the closet

*May 10 - 00:05*

The closet or utility room is one of the most practical of the house vent area, the closet incorporates everything that can not be placed in other rooms of the house. Since, therefore, babel of different tools and objects used in the storage room should be well supplied, with appropriate furniture or do-it-yourself solutions.

Now we see how to make it a practical space such as a closet. Most of the time, the storage room of a house is narrow and long, is situated in small spaces often found between one room to another, and in most cases, sticking out from the hallway, entry or on a disengagement. Are placed in the closet:

• Brooms

• Scoop

• sticks to wash the floor

• rags

• The mops

• Carpet service (bathroom, kitchen and entrance) is not used at that time

• Dusters to dust

• The beater

• buckets to wash ashore

• cleaning products for floors, for powder to the surfaces of the house

• work tools such as drill, hammer, nails, brushes, colors, etc.

• Vacuum cleaner

• Polisher

• Scale

• Any material for sewing and mending: sewing machine, thread and needles, buttons, textiles

• Electrical equipment: the multiple and power strip, extension cords, bulbs new to blows when those in use

• Sometimes the shoe, perhaps opening a gate to occupy no more space

With regard to seasonal accessories, who work only in certain phases of the year, or items which must be preserved, they are:

• Chairs outdoor

• Stacking or folding chairs for guests

• Deck chairs on the balcony or terrace

• Umbrella for a balcony or terrace

• Beach accessories

• Tree Christmas

• The Nativity

• The various decorations

• boxes containing equipment purchased to be kept for the warranty period, perhaps for use as containers, not only to occupy the spot and leave them gathering dust

• Fans and electric heaters

• Ski’s and boots.

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