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Furniture painting


The walls of our homes can be animated by new ways to hang pictures, some with nails and hammer, but whatever the subject (family photos, flowers, architecture) the important lay out the pictures on the walls is in harmony. That is to form groups and hang pictures on the wall in a personal project. A council could assure to do tests on the floor.

The harmonic sense is seen in relation to the theme of the figures is the size of the frames, in this case it is always very useful to represent a line on the wall and unreal hang pictures in two rows aligning the top and bottom. Instead, the figurative theme may be, for example: floral, architectural, or family photos. If you do not like the solutions decisive or merely do not want to pierce the walls there are three solutions, one is to hang the paintings from using the tapes in neutral tint “cling” to the shaped profile of the ceiling by hooks. Another solution is to prepare a shelf that usually houses books, where the photos are supported. More and more refined method of presentation of your pictures is to place them on the floor against the wall, of course is a criterion used particularly in the “Museum Houses” which are specially arranged, but only if you have large spaces or to arrange a room for your large or small paintings, this is one of the best ways to present your pictures and decorate the rooms to the fullest.

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