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Unlike the past, today the mobile is assigned an important role in furnishing the house. Often they can substitute for the visual impact of a true work of art.

The most important thing is, in fact, define the location of a room from the cabinet that will become the first actor, rather than the reverse.

The play of light and color mixture that creates the mobile with the fabrics and walls can give great visual excitement. It is nice pier, and the effect will give you great satisfaction, align parts of the house you for years – and perhaps belonged to your grandmother or your family which you are bound by certain affection – with new furniture or customized. Not written down in the purchases of new function: mobile personal daily use, such as beds, dining table and sofa, it is better not to buy them by mail or via the Internet. Avoid buying pieces of such significance, if you can not test them directly.

Often caught in the euphoria and the desire to buy, you do not even take into account the space necessary to the individual to move within a room or a piece of furniture that can not be placed inside the house due to a too narrow stairwell.

Renting a lifting platform to insert the mobile from other openings in the house (i.e. a window) could play an unforeseen mobile that makes us uncomfortable.

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