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Gadgets and decoration

There are several funny and nice decoration gadgets to give your house a special touch. They are easy to apply, not very expensive and it’s a different use of technology that’s for sure!

colour water

Coloured water. Not really, but it will look like! A LED light is attached to the faucet and it will turn on every time you make the water run giving it different tones (you can actually choose one that even matches the decoration of your kitchen or bathroom!) or even matching the temperature of the water (and coming in a tone between red and blue).

LED lamps. This system has been used to add colour and light to many different products and decoration gadgets. Fake candle pots, lights that don’t need a chord and funny designs like cartoons. These gadgets are great for adolescent rooms

Other funny gadgets are: cups that keep hot (sometimes you have to plug them into a USB port in your computer (great if you want your coffee to be hot when you’re working!), remote controls for the curtains or the lights of your room, funny speakers designs that can match the style of your living room.

Do you know any others?

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