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Gaining space at home


is always a concern, specially in small apartments. However, there are always small but effective decisions that can improve the useful areas. Following are some tips to take advantage of every possibility.

Communicate spaces
. If you are going to throw a partition or to open a hollow, be sure that it is not a supporting wall. To reduce the size of the work you can just open a hole instead of throwing the whole partition. This type of reforms can be done in the lounge – dining room, bath and principal bedroom, kitchen and scullery, or children bedroom and family rooms. It is a change that is worth even if the added space is very small; for example, you can gain a dressing room in the bedroom or, by reducing a bathroom, gain a dining space in the kitchen.

Integrate a corridor. There is nothing better to have a wider lounge – dining room, since in general they have between 90 and 120 cm of width. In the zone that you have integrated you can place a bookshop or an office, or install one cupboard with great capacity. Remember that the decoration of the gained area must match with that of the rest of the room.

Place a shower to gain comfort. To replace the tub with a shower is a decision that affects space positively (it can add up to 90 cm), and also comfort and savings, since a showe consumes less water than a bathtub. In this new space you can place a rack, a towel rack radiator or a seat.

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