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Getting the best out of a living room


As the home´s center of day to day activities, the living room should be designed according to their inhabitant´s lifestyle and  space availability. Proper distribution of its square meters and a good selection of its furniture are just two significant clues in order for this important room to achieve its full potential.
First of all, it should be decided whether an in-deep restoration is needed (with changes in the position of certain walls and columns, for instance) or if just superficial chances will suffice. Secondly, distribution has to be set, taking into account certain bounding (as an irregular floor, a chimney or a column), the space available and the needs of the people who live in the house.
Comfort and balance.
Living room is a multifunctional space, that is why planning is so important. A comfortable and balanced ambiance could be achieved placing all different elements of furniture in a way that enough free space among  them can be kept.  It is recommended, for instance, to maintain a 40 cm distance between the coffee table and the sofa.
One space, several uses.
Should dimensions allow it, planning several activity zones would be ideal. Modern tendencies impose making living room the widest room in the house. One option to achieve this goal would be to place the dinning table into the kitchen area or close to it, so space could be gained to use it as a reading area, for instance, or a working space. In this case, distinghishable areas could be individualized by playing with decoration (using different colors for each of them, for instance).

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