Prepare for Construction: Ground Rules to Remodell a Bathroom

It’s hard to have someone in the most private room in your house – especially if you only have one bathroom. Some things
to consider when trying to make things as smooth as possible:

• Map out the path the contractors will take from your door to the bathroom and protect the floor with carpet scraps,
old towels, or plastic.

• Decide when you want work to begin and end each day and if they can work weekends. Realize that being temporarily inconvenienced by workers arriving early and staying late will likely complete the project quickly.

• If you have pets, decide what you will do with them to stay out of the contractor’s way.

• Decide if you want everything cleaned up at the end of each day. Remember that for longer projects, cleaning each day can extend the completion date.

• Think about where the contractor will park his vehicle and, if needed, where the dumpster will be placed.

• If walls are being opened or worked on, have a plan for minimizing dust and debris – taping some plastic over the
door can help keep the dust contained.

• Remove anything you can from the bathroom – including soaps, trash cans, and other accessories. Designate a place outside where your Pros can wash off tools.

• Designate where they will draw their electrical power from.

• Decide if your contractor can use your bathroom and telephone.

• Offer water or a beverage to workers when possible.

• Bribery isn’t a bad idea – donuts and coffee can earn you points that you can cash in during the project.

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