Written by Tendenzias

Halloween Decorations


Halloween decorations begins to serenade everyone’s mind as we approach closer to October 31st each year, each person wants to wear the perfect outfit while the host and the hostesses wants to throw the perfect Halloween party.

It is an idea that doors can be garnished with black cats or a window with spooky ghost welcoming guests. Usually seen are crafted cats with black hats when I believe no real thought is given to what the celebration really signifies. Halloween to me is of no real significance, it may seem to be a total innocent ordeal but there is an underlying message associated with the celebration and the event.

Costumes for the Halloween event normally includes some very dark colours, and costumes made out of pumpkins. Pumpkins can be seen at places that are housing the event. People usually try to wear something funky and may also be scary. The event requires a dark look, usually serenaded with carved pumpkins with candles lit on the inside of them. The place where the event is being held is usually decorated from the outside to the inside, walk ways and parking lot surrounded with the carved pumpkins, Halloween is a major event for teenagers.

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