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Hallways and corridors

hallways and corridors

If  space is a rare commodity at your home, you better get the best out of the hallway, corridors and any usually underused part of it. In almost any house or apartment some forgotten corner can be found and it is up to you to rescue it from oblivion; with a little touch of imagination any of these spaces can become a very useful and decorative area.
Indeed, A wall, a corner or even the roof could be decorated with a useful cupboard, a desk or a bookshelf.
A Multifunctional Space. In a corridor, for instance, a small dresser can be placed or even a working desk with shelves above it. Some auxiliary furniture (specially those not very deep) like small chairs, boxes, etc., may fit perfectly, too.
Corners. These spaces can always be used. There are some furniture specially designed for said spaces (those with a triangular shape, for instance, are quite appropriate) that can be put for storing all kind of stuff.
Walls by a corridor can be taken advantage of by placing narrow shelves and tables with boxes.
The hallway. This part of the house is often underused. However, it is better not to recharge it with too many furniture. A free space of 130cm by 110cm should be left available for hanging coats and allowing the passing of bulky stuff. If the hallway consists of a small room between the door and the living room, a wall hanger and a tiny cupboard for placing small objects will suffice. Should space allow it, an auxiliary table can be placed, or even a small desk. In bigger rooms, a tailor made wardrobe could be installed in order to store coats, hats and umbrellas.

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