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Having a small garden at home

small garden

Having a small garden with aromatic plants or some vegetables of small size like tomatoes or peppers, even if living in a small city apartment, is quite possible. The sill of a window, a small balcony, a little terrace in the kitchen or a chunk of wall, all these are spaces you can adapt to receive your urban mini-garden.

What you need: Light, containers and land. Bear in mind that from 5 to 6 daily hours of direct solar light are necessary to cultivate vegetable as tomatoes or peas. If the chosen place has less natural light hours, you better choose vegetables of green leaf, as spinach, spinach beets, cabbages, etc. 

An urban garden, thanks to his limited dimensions, is easier to irrigate, to take care of and to keep the plagues away from it.  The ideal containers are the pots made of mud or plastic (this material, being lighter, produces less damage to the soil). If you have a wide terrace or roof, you can place a table for sowing, which turns out to be very comfortable because it will not force you to bend in order to take care of the plants.

The choice of the proper land  is very important when creating your small urban garden. If you bet for ecological farming, use a mixture of organic matter in decomposition (if you are ready to assume the disadvantage of the bad smells) and an organic substratum, as the fiber of coconut. For normal farming, you can buy land in any gardening store. Before you start sowing , ask yourself which vegetables you and to your family like to eat, this way you will save money using your natural products instead of buying them.

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