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Home Make no Danger to Your Baby


When in the world a child is born the need by parents to review the entire house as a function of new small home. The problems start especially when the child begins to go on all fours and, therefore, want to stay in contact with so many things. We try to provide some suggestions for making your home free of hazards; as well as controls him every time, it is virtually impossible. First, if you have a rather large house should allocate the child a whole room where we are all his things and that concerns her care: its place and will be easier to move it in peace.


The floor must not be slippery and easy to clean, the carpet is not recommended, perhaps better than the floor, making sure the chips that may arise. Tuttu Remove carpets that can do stumble, the more appropriate mats woven from natural materials with non-slip edges. The cradle must have high sides so that the child can not fall. The bed must be solid with the rods are not too far apart so that the child cannot be with the wedge head. Make sure that the box and the seat are free of hazards.

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