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Hot Tubs for your fabulous bathroom


BluBleu has achieved some wonderful hot tubs (Kyra-Art, Art and Mahri’ Yuma-Art) from a point of view of both aesthetic and technical. These three new models of hot tubs have a finish in teak and oak, and a set for a restorative massage fabulous for the decoration of the bathroom.tubs-baths

Cromo Relax is a safe and adequate system of internal lighting can be installed in the tanks and shower • Blu Bleu, which lets you “paint” the water according to the exact program of four cycles of color, different sequences of colors, shapes, bright colors and their intensity functions. Harmony is the function of the cycle color green / orange, to relax the mind and body, vitalizing cycle is blue / green and red, respectively, to reconcile and meditation reduce blood pressure, or to increase it; tonic cycle is neutral , ie, light output similar to sunlight, to stabilize the nervous system and hormonal system. Cromo Relax is therefore without doubt a new, relaxing and full to take care of them, to indulge in a truly healthy “color bath “.

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