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How to avoid steam in the bathroom

A big problem in almost every bathroom is the steam. After a hot shower the whole room is humid and the mirrors look foggy. How to avoid the steam while getting a hot shower?


If you get out the shower and want to use the mirror you will probably have to clean it with your hands, leaving marks and dirt behind.

Some home made trick may help you keep your mirror free of steam and clean.

You will need:

  • A clean cloth
  • Alcohol
  • Chalk

First, clean well the mirror so it doesn’t have any grease or marks. In a small recipient mix the chalk in powder with a drop of alcohol, making a thick and consistent cream.

Then, rub the cream on the mirror with the clean cloth. Leave the mixture during half hour on the mirror. Finally, clean the mirror with another humid cloth.

We don’t know very well why it is that this recipe works, but you will see that when you leave the shower the steam disappear in a few seconds.

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