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How to choose the right chair

Hands up those of us who do not have a comfortable seat in your home! I can imagine how many hands were raised. As I have written in previous guides, creating and furnishing your home according to your tastes is the really the first thing to do. Also, enjoying moments of relaxation between your four walls is fundamental. In fact, when we read a book, sip hot tea or hot chocolate or just taking a good and just rest for half an hour, the chair is really the best place to lay our beautiful ass! Can not find the right one? Furniture stores carry all types of armchairs, and sometimes looking at dozens and dozens of them can distract from the fundamental choice: comfort.

Think about it, a favorite chair aesthetically beautiful but maybe really uncomfortable, or simply an armchair not only from the aesthetic point of view, but comfortable? I do not know about you, but I’m already inclined towards the second option. But how to choose the chair that best suits our needs? Nothing is easier! Continue reading this guide and you will surely find out. First of all, when you sit in a chair, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and that your knees are bent so as to form a right angle. When you rest your forearms on the armrests, make sure that your fingertips touch the tip of the armrest. The point at which usually tilts the backrest should be perfectly fitting with the line of your shoulders and the base of your head should rest on the back. The seat of the chair should be very comfortable and not too soft and more than anything else should fit perfectly with your lower back. If you have small children at home, choose a washable fabric such as cotton or linen, and maybe, if you often have to put the fabric in the washing machine, choose one that is inexpensive but nice. If you have business acumen, you will certainly find a good compromise between quality and price.

The leather seats though beautiful to the touch and sight, will no doubt need more care. With this in mind, at least once every three months you must clean it with a suitable product. As for armchairs covered in suede, even though they are really nice to the touch, I strongly do not recommend them to you if you have pets at home. If your chair is soiled, wipe it with white vinegar and bran: Put a cup of bran in a bowl and soften with a few drops of vinegar to wet it but not completely. Having done that, fill athe tip of a nylon stocking with the mixture and pass strongly on the chair. This will remove dirt, stains and spots.


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