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How to decorate a small bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom and you’re not sure how to decorate it to make it look bigger and comfortable? Here we help you with some great ideas.


Normal bathrooms in a city apartment are small and the ads we can see in decoration magazines won’t be very motivating if we are looking to change the style of our bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom you have to use the space in an intelligent way. Functionality is the main idea that will guide your decoration. But first we want you to think what furniture you need in your bathroom. Probably will be hard to fit a bathtub, but you will definitely need a toilet, right?

If the bathroom is very small it may be a good idea to avoid having a piece of furniture hanging in the wall. A small bathroom will not be for storage.

Having a window is great but it may reduce the space for a shower (even a small one). Small bathrooms can use a ventilation system that won’t use any useful space.

Corner showers are an intelligent way to use wisely your space, but maybe a bit uncomfortable?

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