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How to decorate your living room-style ethnic


To decorate the furniture in your living room, recreating ethnic setting this item allows you to create multiple objects adorned with special shapes and colors of decorative paper simple working decoration.

To begin to decorate your living room into ethnic style, take the chair, use about two layers of gypsum, sanded well and work dried up, used with glue or paint, ethnic decorative paper of your choice. You can cut many strips of paper the desired size after glue them, creating an original effect, alternating various decorative surfaces. After that, put into practice the fine ethnic candles, white candles of taking 10 cm in diameter and different height. Lay a hand on the surface to be decorated with glue / paint; you adhere precisely to the decorative paper decoration fantasy of bamboo ‘. After waiting for the perfect drying, apply a little ‘glue / paint over the paper to consolidate the work done. Finally ornate wood turtle prepare the base of the turtle with gesso and wait for it to dry. Cover therefore, the body of the turtle with the decorative paper decoration gradient unit, while the hull with ethnic decorative paper, so roll out the glue or paint is completely taking over the drawings of the shell with painting in relief.

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