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How to Design HouseDecorating ideas

Home design is certainly not a simple task. But let’s also give some advice. Start by listing the priorities and setting your budget. Following a program defined by substituting the figure of the architect. This will make it easier to keep in order all things to do without wasting time in useless details. It is true that the house must be beautiful, but the operation can not be neglected. By that date the room then, only then you can go to details, such as the choice of fabrics and what to stick to the walls.

Make a list of your habits than to any room, you may be more practical understand the expectations that the house in the process of building must meet.

In the project it is good to spread the same plants among all the experts called to work: plumbers, masons, tilers etc… Even the plants in three dimensions, which allow you to do with the aesthetic result intelligibility of your preferences, are extremely validity to estimate the choices and assumptions on the carpet. Now we try to make suggestions for the design of the house.

Make sure that there are difficulties of a structural nature and that the plants – thermal, hydraulic, electrical, etc.. – Did not need intervention. Consider your house as a whole, without separator walls, often only a few structural measures are sufficient to give the house a new and renovated need suitable. Be approached by an expert in lighting and / or an electrician: still need ample power and changes in their number is a magnificent speech in jobs submitted. A good design of the electrical system, for example, will be useful to avoid unsightly, but also to leave the ground wires that always involves a risk to their health.

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