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How to make a small bedroom look bigger

Your bedroom should be an important and very personal room in the house. It should have your style and feel familiar and cozy. Is the size of your bedroom a problem at the moment of thinking of the decoration? Don’t worry, even if your bedroom is small there are a lot of tips to make it feel bigger.


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Don’t try to fit much furniture. It definitely will feel cramped if we try to fit too much furniture in the room. Consider what you really need in your room (probably a bed, a wardrobe, maybe a little table) and try to organize the rest in another place (books, working table, etc).

Intelligent furniture. A good idea is to choose functional furniture that will maximize storage and don’t steel much space.


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Proportional decoration. The wall decoration should be proportional to the size of the bed. Otherwise would feel cramped.

Light colours. Always helps, walls and decoration should be in light colours to reflect the light and create a false sensation of space.

Not only to sleep. Bedrooms are a personal space in the house and it shouldn’t be only to sleep. Put a little chair and a lamp on a corner. Not only you’ll have a lovely spot to read but it will also help to make the room look bigger.

The right wardrobe. It has to be proportional to the size of the bedroom, otherwise it will look too big stealing space.

Be creative. Decorative baskets or use the space under the bed or choose multifunction furniture

A TV in the bedroom, or not? If you want to have a TV in a small bedroom, the best option is to hang it. A big stereo may be replaced for a smaller iPod docket, for example.

Keep the balance. Leave a free space in a wall that will work as focal point. Be positive and put emphasis in those things that help your room to look bigger.

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