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How to make healthier versions of your favorite recipes.

It is certainly possible to make healthier versions of favorite recipes preserving the flavor and taste. The idea is to make some healthy changes that will radically affect the essence of favorite recipes.

For example, when making a low-fat version of macaroni and cheese, use only a low-fat cheddar cheese as the use of this cheese will replace two-thirds of the fat usually consumed. You can also use some mozzarella or Swiss cheese with a pinch of freshly ground pepper which can also help to improve the taste.

Some experiments have tried to show that it is necessary to adjust a traditional recipe for healthy eating, thus reducing one or more fats, sugars, salt and calories in some recipes, resulting in healthier meals.

Reduced calories

The reduction of non-nutritive or empty calories is one of the easiest ways to create healthy versions of favorite recipes. By replacing, for example, pasta made from refined white or enriched flour with that made from whole wheat flour in lasagna, you can improve nutrition by providing fiber and other nutrients which are not present in the former.

Of course, eating small portions of a favorite dish is a good way to keep a favorite recipe. This can be enjoyed without consuming too much of the food lacking in real nutrition. Eating low-calorie vegetables with a smaller portion of your favorite food can contribute to a more satisfying and nutritious meal.

Salt reduction

Too much salt is often linked to high blood pressure. With this in mind, In this case you can eat smaller portions of your favorite recipes, or try to change the salt and pepper content. Freshly ground pepper can add to the interest and taste of many foods.

Replacement of salt by some herbs in favorite recipes is another way to make healthier versions of your favorite meals. Some recipes do not even need salt, because they already have very good flavor.

Reducing sugar

Some of the tomato sauce used in homemade pasta can contain a lot of sugar. If the amount of sugar that is used is high, in some or all of the plates could be replaced with grass. Apple sauce is another food that can be delicious without sugar.

The sugar-free apple juice with a few nuts can be a great nutritious snack or light dessert. In addition, applesauce or fruit juice can replace much or all of the sugar in many household products such as biscuits, cakes and pastries.

Fat Reduction

Food items such as yogurt and milk, some cheeses, sour cream have low fat levels and can often be used to help create healthier versions of your favorite recipes.

Fish and chicken can be baked instead of deep fried.

The turkey can also substitute ground beef in some of their favorite recipes. This is another way to reduce saturated fats. Using a small amount of olive oil instead of butter also reduces saturated fats. Some people prefer to use non-stick cookware for adding fat to the pan.

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