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How to Remove Scratches from Furniture:

Over time and with frequent use, it can happen that the furniture was scratched and that fact is necessary to understand the way forward to solve the problem. In this short article we will show you how to behave to try to remove the scratches of your mobile.First, do not forget to follow the grain of the wood, eg oak furniture walnut kernels must be removed from the oak.

In addition, you must obtain to start of sandpaper to rub the side where it has the scratch and needs to be broken. Then you have to take a crayon that matches the color of the furniture and rub it in such a way as to cover the whole area of the cabinet where the scratches are present. Depending on the nature of the cabinet and its material, must act in a different way to solve the problem by using special dyes or linseed oil. If the color of the furniture appears to be dark, you can use the shiny black, but if there is clear you can use a polish that matches this shade.

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