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How to wash curtains

Curtains are part of our bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, and as they are an important part of the decoration of our homes, they also get dirty very easily. It could be the dirt coming from open windows or the smells from the kitchen. Anyway, a periodic laundry is always a good idea.


But curtains are hard to wash, they end up with wrinkles and we need a lot of space to hang them. Don’t worry, today we’ll share with you some tricks and ideas to make all this very easy!

Sometimes we don’t realize our curtains are dirty, but look closer! The colours are not as bright and they are darker and don’t smell as fresh as before. Yes! Is time to wash them.

The first step is to remove them from the hanging bar. They are different kinds and sometimes may be a hard process (so it’s better if you have a couple of extra hands to help).


Sometimes curtains will have to be taken to the dry cleaner, especially when they are made of silk, velvet and also if they are too big for your washing machine. Otherwise don’t worry! Now, putting the curtains in the washing machine it requires some precautions:

Don’t mix the curtains with other cloth, especially if it’s of another colours. We don’t want dying stains in our curtains!

Check the curtains for stains that may need to be treated before washing. For this you can use special products or you can put some hot water with powder soap, rub it softly with a little brush and let it rest.

It’s also very important to remove all the hooks so they won’t get loose in the washing machine (and maybe break it or block it)

From all the programs we should choose a short one, better if it’s cold water and definitely not centrifuged (this will make a lot of wrinkles in the curtain).

A little trick my grandma told me: use 2 spoons of sugar instead of softener, it will help them look cleaner for longer.

When they are washed is time to hang them. They will be very humid so we better hang them somewhere they will be laying easily to, this way, avoid more wrinkles. It will also help to iron less later.




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