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Ikea Garden 2012 (second part)

For several months, IKEA has released a preview of the 2012 catalog and we took the opportunity to show a glimpse of what makes the Swedish furniture giant so popular. Expressing their love for small spaces, the team of IKEA offers many great ideas to maximize the use of space in small apartments. According to the idea that “a house does not need to be big, just smart,” we join IKEA for a small preview into their 2012 catalog. Anchored off the shelves at the top of a window presented on the cover of the catalog are plenty of storage solutions and furniture items of a multiplicity of colors, ensuring that the customers understand that IKEA has something coming next year that can affect everyone. With so many ideas for a small apartment, for example, IKEA plans to deal with the growing interest in interior design of apartments primarily located in urban areas as well as homes that are located in the suburbs and have the good fortune of having a garden. We know that the garden is part of the house which allows us to feel more in touch with nature and enjoy the sunny days. If you are one of the very lucky people who have a garden, Ikea in its 2012 line offers many items that will allow you to make the most of this space. In fact, the garden, like any other area of the house must be friendly and suited to the wants and needs of its owner.

The style that we propose allows us to use Ikea because of their choice of garden furniture which allows us to express ourselves and best utilize our organizational skills. The Ikea Garden Line 2012 is a must, because there are idea for all types of persons and is ideal for all budgets. Thanks to the myriad of items they offer, you can turn your garden into a space in the house. Looking quickly through the catalog, I was able to discern that there is a wide range of garden furniture items such as chairs, tables, sofas, furniture all very practical, very strong and easily manageable. One good idea is to choose a chest for storing pillows, mattresses and anything that is not used during those times of the year when they garden is not in regular use. Even with regards to the decor of the garden, the giant Swedish furniture offers several alternatives which are all very good together. In fact, you can choose a more classic design with simple plastic furniture producing a rattan effect, or decide on darker colors. Do not ignore the traditional white garden furniture, which is very innovative and sophisticated. For the more demanding, some wooden furniture is also available. The fact is, IKEA offers so many solutions, all within your reach without sacrificing the quality of materials that will allow you to make an investment in each piece of furniture or accessory for your home and garden.

Ikea, offers solutions that will meet the needs of the most demanding shopper. An example of this is the line of pillows and mattresses, which we know is a very important part of our furniture. They also offer items made of cotton for the garden (for outdoor furniture cushions of the sofa) in different shades. The choice of pillows and mattresses is very important, even if it is the garden because the choice you make will allow you to use them not only during the day, but also during the warm summer nights. Finally, Ikea will also find many items for outdoor lighting in your garden and really many alternatives for all styles and all at a great price.

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