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Ikea Garden 2012

It is common knowledge that the garden is that part of the house which allows us to feel more in touch with nature and enjoy sunny days. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we believe it is right that such a private space exists for you and that Ikea, in its 2012 catalogue line offers many items that will help you make the most of that space. In fact, the garden, like any other area of the house should be hospitable and must express something about who you are. Ikea’s outdoor furniture collection offers a variety of choices: simple and natural, or more sophisticated and made of many types of materials including wood, rattan or plastic, with effects in steel, black and white or color all at affordable prices!

Now let’s take a look at the generic offerings that mark the garden line which are offered in the Ikea 2012 catalogue. The range of outdoor furniture from Ikea is characterized by the presence of several lines, all of them very interesting which might attract your attention.

The first line we want to highlight is called Ammer. This is a range of furniture and garden accessories made of plastic rattan effect, flirty and perfect for relaxing with a touch of chic.

Another interesting line that has caught our attention is the Arholma series. This is a collection is very colorful and of a colonial design. It is made of plastic as well imitation rattan and consists of sofas, armchairs, chairs and tables. For the most demanding and far-reaching shopper, there is the collection of furniture made of Kvarn wood and aluminum. It is lightweight, portable and designed for ease and convenience. We love the simplicity and we recommend this line of furniture which is sober and functional. The Läckö has exterior steel and the table has a tempered glass panel. For those who prefer convenience and makes full-time use of the garden, we recommend a set of Mälar stand furniture which will allow you to create a summer dining room with folding chairs and which will appear colorful in your garden. There is also a collection of garden furniture that is light and easily movable, colorful and easy to layer, allowing you to easily reach a garden which will benefit from a youthful and casual style. Finally, the collection of furniture and garden accessories in the Äpplarö line will allow you to enter into full harmony with natural surroundings, since, this line is made of wood components designed for an all-natural look. For the 2012 summer furniture collection, Ikea has come up with an interesting set of garden furniture made of wood and aluminum, presenting a simple and pragmatic design. Despite having used eucalyptus wood to make this furniture, it is lightweight and easy to carry.

The deck chairs are also interesting, all very comfortable as they are equipped with a backrest, a footrest and an adjustable headrest so you can find the most comfortable position for you and can also be used as a bench. It also has wheels so it is very easy to move. The cost is € 159. Another item, a bench is supplied by the Kvarn line. This article is very light and is therefore easy to carry despite having no wheels. The contoured shape of the surface of the seat ensures maximum comfort during use.The price is 79 euros. You can also choose the bench with no support, which costs EUR 59’90, although some persons find it less comfortable than other choices.


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