Written by Tendenzias

Illuminate with no light

We want to illuminate our house, especially those rooms with not much natural light, but at the same time we don’t want to use a lot of lights (it’s not a very environmental idea and it’s expensive!). If you’re wondering the same we may have some answers for you.


The first rule is to use bright colours. Clear colours will reflect any natural light. White walls and some yellow or red colours can help to make your room look brighter and bigger.

Create light contrasts. Is still a good idea to create some strong contrast but make it special as all the attention will go to that point of the room. I prefer light contrasts and more natural shades.

The right light. Sometimes we have no other option than using artificial light. If so is important to choose the right one for the space we want to illuminate. Not only the right bulb but also the right position (the roof or the wall, for example).

Plants. Plants may not reflect light and make your room brighter but they are important in places with no natural light because they make it look happier and more ventilated.

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