Written by Tendenzias

Illuminated Couch

Having seen these pictures we are sure that the future has arrived early. Couch with LED lights, what else can we expect?


We think that bachelors will love this design. The couch looks modern, black with neat lines. Decoration and technology have met to create a very unique couch.

This couch illuminated by LED lights looks more like something from a space ship that a piece of furniture. And that’s exactly what we want it to look like.


The combination is amazing, creating a piece of furniture that changes the whole sense of the decoration in a room.

The name is the Asami Light LED lighted Couch. This new sofa of Colic is really a balance between design and technology. Modern but very grasped to natural roots. Their format reminds us to the classic deluxe sofa but with a new way of interacting with our atmosphere.

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