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Integrating the Dining Room


Without excluding the possibility of the dining room occupying its own separated space, integrating it into the kitchen or into the living room are two practical solutions widely used nowadays.
The first option, integrating the dining room into the kitchen, seems quite comfortable given the day to day and related use of both spaces, specially if we do not have much time (making food and serving it in the same space saves time). Should the kitchen be small, a near room could be integrated, either eliminating a wall or opening an arch in it. But even if this possibility does not exist, it is always feasible to have a small dining table with folding chairs. There are folding tables, too that can be used.
The other option is to integrate the dining room into the living room, situating the latter as close to the kitchen as possible. Should this be the option chosen, it is convenient to prevent the dining room from taking too much space out of the living room. To this purpose, try setting the dining table and its chairs close to a corner (better if under a window) or a wall. You could integrate part of a terrace into the room, for instance, to accommodate the dining table.
When distributing the furniture of both dining and living rooms, special attention should be given to keep free spaces among them, either for passing through or for allowing, for example, taking the chair away from the table when a person is to sit on it (a 60cm space between the chair and the wall should suffice).

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