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Interior plants

For a long time interior plants have been consider as simple decoration at home. But, could they have a much more important role? From healthy to therapeutic reasons, plants at home are not only decoration.


It has been proven that interior plants can purify the air at home, making it healthier to the people living at home. This is a chemical process that renew the air in the house atmosphere.

Why is a good idea to have some plants at home?

  • They reduce the levels of dioxide of carbon in the air
  • They increase the proportion of humidity in the atmosphere
  • They attenuate the presence of certain noxious gases that are characteristic of the life in the cities, as the formaldehyde and the nitrogen dioxide
  • They diminish the quantity of powder in 20%

So, is not only that the air we’re breathing is healthier but it’s also a good option for people suffering several allergies.

Images: interiorplants Inc

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