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Kitchen lighting

Kitchen is the busiest room of the house. People use it not only to prepare delicious dishes, it is also the place where family meets to take the breakfast and discuss some important issues before going to work or to school. That is why is must have a pleasant atmosphere so people can feel as if they here in their own bedrooms.


Decorating the kitchen is not enough, if you want to make it functional and homely at the same time. Before updating or redecorating it, you have to think about which kitchen lighting you may use to make your work easier.

To order to design functional kitchen lighting, it is important take care of three important aspects.  There are three can of light that you should use: task, accent and ambient lighting. The first must be used to have a greater visibility and avoid any kind of accident as you are cooking.

The accent lighting would help you to add dimensions to your kitchen so it can look bigger that it really is. And the third kind of kitchen lighting will be very helpful if you want to improve your kitchen´s look.

Although most people don´t believe that it is necessary, there is another kind of kitchen lighting that you might use. The decorative lighting will aid you with the improvement of your kitchen atmosphere by adding it the personal touch it needs.

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