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Lamps and decoration

Lamps are one of the basic elements both for the organization and for the distribution of any space at home. Consequently, choosing the appropriate lamps depends on the concrete function that they are going to play inside the house as well as on the decorative style that has been chosen. Lighting helps creating environments. So it is necessary to have a clear idea about the effect that you want to obtain in order to succeed with the choice.

Nowadays, the great variety of existing models in the market offers an infinity of possibilities in order for being successful when picking the definitive lamps. We can choose from those of classic inspiration up to the most innovative and those being part of the latest trends, or from those with incandescent light up to those equipped with halogens.

The bedrooms are spaces where a suitable and correct lighting is necessary, so we must establish a series of guidelines so lamps, besides his great functionality, become elements of the decoration by themselves. In the main bedroom, one tends to avoid the light of the ceiling as general lighting, and prefers indirect lamps to obtain a more cozy effect, though in certain zones direct lighting is needed.

The lamps with screen and incandescent bulbs blur the light and recreate a hot environment, whereas the halogens are more adapted for areas that need a direct light, as bedside tables or cupboards. Also there are tablecloth lamps, foot-lamps, adjustable lights or even special lights for the paintings hanged on the walls. The indirect lighting  provides a sensation of major intimacy and helps relaxation. Reading needs, no doubt, a special attention, too, with lamps specially designed for bringing a comfortable sensation to the reader.

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