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LCD or LED television?

Are you planning to change your television? Would you like the TV to be part of your decoration? LCD and LED televisions work perfectly for a personal designed room. Here we tell you more about one and the other and which one (and how) to choose.

Are you confused with so many models and designs? LCD? What is LED?


A LED television is like a LCD but LED technology is added to it. So, this both kinds of televisions are LCD, we just called some LED because they have this new technology already integrated.

Why should I choose a LED TV?

  • Clearer and more brilliant images.
  • More natural images and colours.
  • These TVs save energy and consume less.
  • Smaller environmental impact, (no mercury or ammonium is used in their production)
  • Fine design that makes them occupy less space.

Until now the LCD televisions were illuminated from behind with fluorescent lamps of cold cathodes. This illumination makes colours a bit artificial, and transform the black tones in gray.

In the new televisions LCD with technology LED the illumination is carried out with LED (diodes) so it doesn’t illuminate the areas are black, this way the screen has more natural colours. For the same reason the images are clearer and more real with LED technology than on a LCD.

The down side it may be that the televisions with LED are a little more expensive than the traditional LCD, although it is already possible to find televisions LED for less than 600 €. The best brands are Samsung (pioneer in technology LED) and also LG, Sharp, Philips, or Sony.

TV integrated room

Our favorite point for choosing these televisions is that they integrate really well in the decoration of a room, taking very little space (even better if they are hanging from a wall) and offering an excellent size and quality of image.

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