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Le Roy Merlin and SpinetiX SA: partners and leaders in meeting the needs of our customers!

The prestigious retail store in Nova Milanese, which is located on the outskirts of Milan, is the first Italian retail store that uses interactive screens to guide and educate clients in order to create a unique shopping experience. The system uses the SpinetiX HMP100 of Hyper Media Player which allows the shopper to power and manage content on multiple screens located throughout the store.

The digital signage solution has been created by partners SpinetiX, and Voom Networks Ltd, it has been called into question for the design, but also to view and manage video communication for staff and customers of Leroy Merlin Itai Hyper. SpinetiX media players are integrated with the Voom 4 Corporate content management software using LCD monitors that act to accommodate the customer entering the shop, guiding them through the store. The speakers are installed inside the mega screens on the ceiling which gives and overall view of all customers in the queue.

The objective of the Voom Networks and Leroy Merlin is also to use the technology on customers on the EFORM array of products that are for sale, it is clearly possible in an area of ad hoc training. In the walls of every mall, you will find LCD screens through which customers can interact to view the topics dealing with a variety of concerns such as the management of the furnishings in your home, and “how to clean a refrigerator.”

The loading of content also takes into consideration the design of your interior decor. Each lesson is loaded by Leroy Merlin from your personal computer which is connected to the corporate intranet using a standard web browser.

The Digital Signage is also used as a tool for communication and sales activities for the core staff. In fact, in the areas for store personnel, employees are able to show in real time the status of sales for each department of the mall, and a targeted level of sales and percentage of successful sales.

Emmanuel Poultry owner and founder of Italy Voom explains the reasons behind the selection of SpinetiX: “For this specific application, we did not want to rely on software tools that are large and bulky. Our program throughout the process is “downloadable” because it is an “open platform” that provides connectivity with other devices and platforms and IT. “Clearly SpinetiX turns out to be the most appropriate technology and the customer has certain advantages such as being stable, flexible and open to new proposals from software developers.

This instrument was chosen because it is not just a PC, but a dedicated hardware device that is free from any of the virus-free blocks that usually plague the operating system for personal computers. Another advantage of the HMP100 as is demonstrated by its low operating cost and consumes only 2W of power. It is also fully accessible for remote updates of models that are loaded from headquarters to all outlets. Serge Kontera, SpinetiX Marketing Manager adds: “The store Leroy Merlin, Milan is a fantastic example of the potential of our technology and the use of SpinetiX and are delighted to be involved with a partner as innovative as the Voom networks. We look forward to seeing the next manifestation of our Hyper Media Player in the near future in this region. Finally, SpinetiX SA has been awarded as the best hardware manufacturer of Swiss professional digital signage hardware devices. For more information on the products in SpinetiX, check out http://www.spinetix.com.

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