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Light colours for small homes

 light colours

Getting wide, clear and luminous spaces turns out to be essential in small homes; in these cases, we must bet for clear colors. Walls and furniture must fulfill these requirements if we wish to achieve the visual effect of bigger spaces. Options are countless, from the basic white (very used in minimalist environments) though the pearl, dusty grey, chalk, bone, etc. The neutral tones are the best option for painting the house’s walls and to obtain an ideal base in which to add details in other colours as you may prefer.

Other of the advantages of betting for these tonalities is that they contribute to transmit serenity and tranquility and will allow you to combine them with all kinds of furniture and styles, without traversing the risk of being incoherent. For their versatile character -timeless and luminous- and their aptitude to increase the sensation of space, they are the most demanded option.

Among neutral tones we can say that the torn white continues being the favorite, though always in its hotter tonalities, which is obtained adding a very small proportion of yellow or green, in such a way that you manage to highlight the warmth of the wood furniture, for instance. In addition it is an ideal colour for urban floors (in clear tones) and for beach houses.

Another colour that is considered trendy is the white in its dusty tonalities, which contribute with warmth and luminosity and helps to emphasize the rest of elements of the decoration. On the other hand, it turns out to be the perfect base in small houses decorated in colonial or romantic style.

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