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Light in the house

How to make your house look more luminous? Little ideas and tips you can use to give a complete different look to your house.


Not only we are going to make our house look bigger but also we will make look our furniture and decoration renewed.

Do you want to illuminate a bedroom? Is your kitchen to dark? A house with little natural light can be improved with some interesting strategies.


Clear colours can reflect light better and will always make our rooms look bigger. But we are not talking only about the colour of the walls: curtains, cushions, lamps and the decorations has to be in light colours too, and maybe some contrast can be created using shadows and textures.

If you have windows, use the light! Thin curtains in light colours will allow the light to pass.


Transparent furniture is always a great and modern way to make a room look bigger, without making it look empty. They let the light go its way and will help to make a house more luminous.

A last trick is to use mirrors in strategic locations. These will reflect the light redirecting it to other places in the room

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