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Light Up Your Kitchen Style

Even if your kitchen is blessed with multiple windows and ceiling light fixtures, some of your work area may still be in the dark. Your body and the upper cabinets often throw a shadow over the countertop where you are reading a list of ingredients or operating small appliances. Locating the bowls you need from within your dark cabinets can also be a challenge. These problems become even more pronounced in the evening when there is no natural light
coming through the windows. For your ease and safety, your kitchen needs to be adequately illuminated.
Installing under-cabinet lighting helps eliminate dark corners and makes everything on the work surface easy to
see. It has the added decorative benefit of showing off your tile backsplash to its best advantage.

Lights inside a cabinet make the interior space and its contents more easily accessible. Add glass doors to your cabinets
and bring your favorite pottery collection into the limelight. Placing lights in the recessed toe kick area of a cabinet floods the kitchen floor with light and adds to your overall safety. Toys your kids left behind on the floor can be seen easily and picked up—before anyone trips on them. In the evening, after the overhead kitchen lights are turned off, the
toe kick lights may function as a handy night light to guide you safely to the refrigerator. These lights also add drama to
the kitchen. Another impressive lighting effect can be gained from above-cabinet lighting. It can highlight decorative objects placed above the cabinet, or accentuate an interesting wall treatment, while adding to the ambient room lighting.

Cabinet lighting fixtures are available as strip lights, puck lights and linear lights. Strip lights offer an even, diffused light
while puck lights provide a more focused pool of light that can nicely highlight a decor item. Linear lights are flexible and
can bend around the corners and curves of a cabinet.

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