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Lighting Your Utility Room

In the majority of our homes the utility and laundry room is a neglected stepchild. No wonder that the laundry basket has turned into a trip hazard and the ironing board is rarely used for ironing.
Lighting your utility or laundry room right can have a huge impact on how you feel spending any amount of time there.
The following article provides helpful guidelines when choosing the best lighting for your utility room.
Laundry and workshop areas require a sufficient level of diffuse lighting for safe and accurate use of tools in the workshop and for examining laundry. Provide 20-50 footcandles for ordinary work and 50-100 footcandles for more difficult workbench tasks.
Fluorescent is the preferred sources. Allow a total of 1-2 watts per square foot for fluorescent task and general lighting combined. Locate the fixtures so they direct light into washers, dryers, and storage areas. Critical tasks with small, hard-to-see materials require separate high-intensity task lighting.
In workings, provide a ceiling or wall mounted fixture over each task location, as well as general lighting. In laundry rooms, provide ceiling-mounted fixtures so you work throughout the combined with general lighting. For ironing , directional lighting angled from ahead of the ironing board helps to reveal wrinkles. Place a reflectorizes incandescent 24 inch in front of the board. A ceiling or wall monted directional fixture will also work , but combine it with general lighting.

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