Lights and colours in decoration

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In our latest post, some tips were given with respect to maximizing small spaces, like planning distribution and adapting the rooms to actual uses. This post will explain some other important elements that should be taken into account in cases where there is not much space available.
A place with good natural light definitively looks bigger than it really is. Consequently, a room with tenuous lighting -although could give a cozy sensation- would seem smaller than its real size. That is why proper internal illumination is so important.
For gaining in terms of lighting, you could use mirrors -specially wall sized- Cristal doors or transparent partitions, as well as holes in the walls (where aesthetically and technically permitted).
The use of colours in decoration.
A sensation of a bigger space could be created, too, with appropriate combination of colours, both in walls and windows as in  furniture itself.  Light tones, like cream or specially white, makes a room look bigger. Likewise, some furniture seems lighter than others; a crystal table or one with light legs, for instance, as wells as a chair with sober lines will help to visually enhance a living space.
Integrating “big” elements into decoration.
there are some big structural or architectonic elements of an apartment that cannot be eliminated, like that supporting column in the middle of the living room, for instance. Yet, they can be “disguised”, if painted with the same colours as the rest of the walls or if they are covered with mirrors.  This tip would apply to a big closet, too.

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