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Living IKEA Catalogue 2011


We then move into the dining room with tables, chairs, tablecloths and then go to the kitchen that provides all the appliances and can give important insights to achieve maximum efficiency of space or how to better organize the arrangement of the dish in a practical and simple, or the collection made with suitable containers placed in a drawer hidden under the floor of the kitchen.ikea-catalog2011

For the bedroom, beautiful and colorful sets, duvet covers , blankets, pillows, rugs and lamps and then different cabinets where you can design the space with sliding shelves, baskets, boxes and even a solution for shoes which are attached to metal forms.

For the children’s room and the color security are the masters. Do not forget that IKEA is a company where safety and quality are essential.

In the catalog IKEA are also solutions for the bathroom with all the pieces of furniture as possible, from the mirror to the baskets of dirty laundry, the soap and decorations.  There are also instructions on how to decorate small spaces or offices for the management of a small study. IKEA is also lamps and fabrics that you can find in a catalog of all the gentle.

Is important information on promotions, promotions IKEA program by donating an item at a special price for a specified time. And then an indication on where to buy, schedules, warranty information.

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