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Living room without roof

Definitly the place which shines without artificial light is the patio. Its principal characteristic is that it is has not roof at all, so it is quiet bright and airy. This is the ideal place for social reunions or enjoying yourself reading alone, listening to music or just for you to relax if you feel flat. It is composed with minimalist furniture, very colorful ornaments and flowers. It provides energy and warmth to the connected room, because you can enjoy the sun and the wind. Furthermore, to give a natural apparence, designers prefer gigantic windows covered with clear curtains inside the previous room, and put stones in the frame of the windows. However, is important to paint one of the walls to make it not look like a box, to make it opened.

The most common design is  the one which has an important garden separated by a path, which has lots of very comfortable fournitures. The path has a shinny color that combines with the tone of the pillows and the green of the garden, even if it is orange because it makes everything looks bright and gives a sensation of happiness and harmony. It is ideal for summer days, to share with friends or old people. Sometimes, you could find trees at the very begining of the house and, if you feel flat, will feel grateful for the nature, surely.

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