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Making beautiful kitchen

Today, the premises of our analyzing a house of great interest, because women spend several hours of this day: the kitchen. First of all, when we think of the person’s health, we realize now how two people go to have a material impact, ie sleep and diet. So here you have to take into consideration the nature of the foods we eat. For this reason, the kitchen, in itself, represents a highly relevant, which are two important elements to coexist and strongly positive: Fire and Water.

The location of the room, is as always a very important, in general, the stove should be placed in east or south, so as to ensure the best energy in this way. We always just the food that represents the location of our house that often carry most of the activities. The kitchen should not even be close to the bedroom. If your kitchen is a living, and then in the same room you can find the space dedicated to the preparation of foods to their consummation. In addition, you must put a hood over the stove in order to remove odors.

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